Have You Ever Felt RESIGNED to a Project Management System
Or Just Can’t Seem To Find The Right Fit?
You know what I mean. You’ve tried every system out there, but then you…
  • Spend hours organizing to-do lists without actually getting any work done
  • Find yourself paying for way too many programs in your business
  • Realize it doesn’t really have all the features you need
And then…

You Try Again.

And Again. And AGAIN.

In a never-ending circle of moving EVERYTHING to new systems and never being as productive as you should be at this point in your business.

Yes, you’re being held hostage by these not-good-enough systems and many of them are stripping you of every penny and minute you have to spare.
The worst part?

You can feel there’s something better out there, but it’s almost like no one really understands YOU and what YOU need.

Well, I’m here to tell you that all these problems are because of one missing element…
Yes, YOU

YOU are the missing piece.

You have the ability to CREATE a project management system that’s perfect for uniquely you and what you specifically need.

I want to introduce you to Manage It All.

An Entrepreneur’s Trello Training for Complete Business and Life Organization
Take complete CONTROL over your project management system to design one that’s a perfect fit.

Here’s how it works:
Learn the basics of Trello with short, but thorough video explanations of all Trello’s features including:
  • Trello Overview
  • Lists and Cards
  • Teams and Sharing
  • Power Ups
  • Trello Gold
  • Web vs Desktop vs Mobile
  • Search
  • Shortcuts
  • Email
Take a look at different Trello board setups to organize your business AND life.
  • Weekly Calendar
  • To Do List
  • Business Essentials
  • Client Board
  • Social Media Schedule
  • Finances
  • Menu
  • Chores
  • Homework
  • Travel
Take your Trello boards to the next level by introducing automatic systems so you can sit back and let your system work FOR you.
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Zapier
  • Butler Bot Overview & Setup
  • Butler Bot Social Media Calendar
  • Butler Bot Blog Workflow
  • Butler Bot Finances
  • Butler Bot Chores
  • Butler Bot Extras & Counts
  • TIP: Create a Team for Templates
Enroll in Manage It All for just $97!
"Nothing comes close to the amount of information in this course."
Jessie’s course Manage It All is AMAZING. I’ve gone through other Trello courses and nothing comes close to the amount of information Jessie provides in this course.

I’ve been using Trello for months and wanting to customize it more to fit my unique needs, but I had no idea where to start. This course showed me how to build the perfect project management system exactly how I want it using Trello. Jessie has a rare knack for being thorough and efficient, and that absolutely comes through in what she teaches in this course.

Not only will you learn how to use Trello (plus Zapier and IFTTT) in this course, but you’ll actually learn how to structure your business (and life!) systems in a more efficient, less time consuming way.

I call her a Jessie-Bot 🙂

-Emily V.
While these 3 Modules will get you up and running with some incredible efficiency, I want to help make setup even easier with these added bonuses:
Get started even faster with these seven Board setups:
  • To Do List 
  • Business Essentials
  • Social Media Schedule
  • Menu
  • Chores
  • Travel
  • Blog Workflow
In this bonus tutorial, learn how to set up a workflow when a certain item in a Trello checklist is checked, an email automatically is sent to the person the card is about.
Enroll in Manage It All for just $97!
"It took me an hour or so to get my eight boards up and running."
I used to sit down at the computer, hamster spinning in his wheel, getting nowhere. I'd flounder for direction and priority, putting out fires as they arose. My clients all use different project management systems, but none of them seemed right for me. I was signing on to multiple platforms every day. For my own work, I'd set it and forget it... and tasks would languish undone and forgotten until a new fire erupted to remind me.

The returns on my investment in this course are threefold. First, I feel better each morning knowing exactly what's on my plate. I also can schedule new tasks in with a heretofore unknown ease. Second, my clients, who were already happy, are agog with the increased quality of my work and ability to plan forward and act instead of react. Third, I now feel so much more confident in scaling my business, hiring on subcontractors and delegating with ease.

I had no idea that Trello was so capable. I have Butler bot set up, power-ups enabled and automation in place. This ease, peace and calm has piqued my clients' interest, too. I've already recommended Jessie's course and will continue to do so.

Jessie's course is comprehensive, starting at the very basics and moving to advanced automation and resources. Her shareable boards are fantastic templates to get you started. It took me an hour or so to get my eight of my own client boards up and running with her tips, complete with automation. Whether you're new to Trello, have given it up without realizing its depth, or you're an existing user looking for efficiencies, I strongly recommend you purchase this training.

-Jennifer G.

Not sure if you’re ready to invest?

Imagine this:

You go through Manage It All and setting up Trello to work for you, and you end up saving at least an hour of work each day.

Just focusing on your business (not to mention your life organization!), that would save you 5 hours a week, or 20 hours per month.
How much is an hour of your time worth?
Let’s say you charge clients $50/hour for your services. That would be a savings of $1000 per month.

Is a one-time fee of $97 worth saving $1000/month?
Enroll in Manage It All for just $97!
"Easy to follow and easy to understand format."
I have always been a big fan of Trello, but knew I was not fully utilizing its potential -- I was overwhelmed to learn the automation, but Jessie breaks it down into an easy to follow and easy to understand format. Highly recommend and I am excited to start implementing the automation steps in my business!

-Micala Q.

And let’s talk about time. In the example above, you just saved 20 hours per month. Is spending a few hours upfront to set up your system the EXACT way you want it worth saving almost an entire day’s worth of hours each month?

You have two choices.

You do nothing, keep with your current system and continue to wish certain features were available to you in your current systems…


You can invest in Manage It All and get the perfect system tailor-made to your specifications right now.

Another minute you wait is another minute you are working ON a system that should be working FOR you.

Enroll in Manage It All for just $97!
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